Your Unofficial Guide to Getting Around

As of Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Say-- this isn't looking so bad, is it? They're laying track down in front of the store and every day brings us one step closer to the end.  Everyone in-the-know agrees that this will be done by the November 30th deadline and ALL of Uptown Waterloo is having a big party on Saturday, December 3.

Regina is still one of your best streets for navigating around.  There's plenty of parking: City Hall or Station Lot for 2 hours free in the daytime and unlimited free parking evenings and weekends. 

Even though the William St. intersection is closed you can zip down Kuntz Lane and get (finally) to King.  If you're walking there are pedestrian crossings at William and Willis Way. 

The Route 7 Bus (excluding the express) travels via Park, William & Regina. Temporary bus stops are clearly marked along Regina, near Willis Way. Route 200 is using the same detour routing it has been for the last few months. The stop for buses heading to Conestoga Mall is at Bridgeport Rd and King St. The stops for buses heading to Charles Street Terminal are at King and Bridgeport and on Erb between King and Regina.

You can always access Words Worth Books from behind the store!  Stroll down Hughes Lane and come through the back.


Here's a handy tool: a MAP OF PARKING SPOTS IN UPTOWN WATERLOO!! There are more than you think! Don't forget Station Lot off Regina & Willis and the City Hall Lot. There are more than 400 spaces available, and you can park for 2 hours for FREE. Additionally, after 6pm and weekends, parking is not time controlled.

Let us help you get around in Uptown. After all we ARE here every day! On this page we'll update you when changes happen due to ION-related construction. So check back here if you’re concerned about driving or parking in Uptown, or finding your way to your favourite bookstore. As always, you can call us at 519-884-2665 if you want to speak to someone directly or have a question. We’ll be posting frequent updates on ION construction, bus routes, parking changes etc. on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.