We appreciate how much work you’ve put into getting to the final printed copy—after all, we’ve made books our life’s work! You’re not quite finished though. Now you need to sell it!

The book must meet our standards in terms of binding, appropriateness, and sell-ability. If we decline your consignment, it’s nothing personal; it’s simply not a good match for our market.

Our terms are industry-standard 40% of the retail price. If your book sells for $10.00, your take is $6.00 and we take $4.00. Be careful to not over-price your book!

Here’s how you should ball-park your pricing: Trade-paperback: $18 to $22.00 Hardcovers: $30 to $35.00 Children’s picture books $10.00 Coffee-table books: $45 to $50.00

Email to make an appointment with our consignment manager. Please don’t just pop in because there’s a good chance that we’ll be busy, or that the person with whom you need to speak is not here.

Don’t leave your book with us to “take a look at.” We’d hate to misplace it! Furthermore, we need a proper invoice and signed consignment agreement if they are to go on display.

Have a marketing plan ready. Be certain that your media release indicates that books are available at Words Worth Books in Waterloo. Keep in mind that your book is in a store with thousands of award-winners, best-sellers, and staff favourites, each of which have had the benefit of editorial, design and marketing departments to bolster sales.

Hard truth: if you don’t promote the heck out of your book it’s dead on the shelf; we will need to know what your marketing plan is before we accept the consignment.

Be a shameless self-promoter! Send out press releases to every print-media outlet within a 100km radius! Talk to CKCO-TV and Rogers; they have been known to invite local authors on to their noon-hour programming. Contact local radio stations and ask for an interview. Write a blog! Build a website! Be an interesting and consistent presence on social media.

Remember David Chilton (The Wealthy Barber)? Terry Fallis (Best Laid Plans)? James Redfield (Celestine Prophesy)? Irma Rombauer (Joy of Cooking)? They ALL began as self published authors. They succeeded because they had a quality product at a fair price, supported with a ton of marketing and publicity.

General Policy Information

Please make an appointment with the consignment manager to arrange a time to drop off the stock and sign the contract by emailing consignment@wordsworthbooks.com

Words Worth Books takes the industry standard 40% of retail price on consignment. We will take three to five copies.

We will display them for a period of six months.

After that six month period we will contact the consignor to settle the account, request more stock, or return unsold stock.

At the end of the consignment agreement, it is the consignor’s responsibility to pick up any unsold books and any payment accrued from book sales.

We will donate books left for more than one month after the consignment period ends.

If the consignor’s contact information (phone or email) is no longer valid and we are unable to make contact, we will hold the books for one month beyond the six month consignment period after which point we will donate the books. If any books have been sold it will be the consignor’s responsibility to contact us within one year of the consignment start date to settle the account.

Good luck, and HAPPY SELLING!

For more information please email our Consignment Manager: