Summer Reads 2018

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A good book and a stretch of summer is the most enduring pair and whatever your taste, Words Worth has you covered for the season!

In this edition, you'll find thrillers for both the hard-boiled and the softer side, a few newly minted literary stars from Canada and elsewhere, a poignant and comically infused love triangle invoking the Greek gods, a Pulitzer Prize winner that's hilarious (admit it, you weren't putting the words Pulitzer and funny together either), a couple lovely oddities that flew under the radar (leave it to our intrepid staff to find), and even a hint of true crime this time around.

We hope this little sampling will help you find a distraction or a cornerstone for your reading this summer and perhaps whet your appetite a bit for what's to come this Autumn; it's shaping up to be the best we've seen in years.

These titles will be in store and online until the leaves change colour.

Happy Reading!


David & Mandy

and the Words Worth Books Staff