Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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In a time where division can seem the order of the day, there's nothing like a great book to bring people together.

The LRT construction is over, the ION trains have been on their test run, and Uptown Waterloo has seen some new shops on the block! We are lucky to be among so many people who care about the written word and who put a real value on books. Your inquiries after our welfare were constant, genuine and much appreciated.

You made a point of getting to our author events, you engaged with our various book clubs, ordered online, purchased gift cards and kept us in warm company as big changes wrapped up on King Street.

We genuinely believe that the publishing season this fall is one of the richest, most varied and most exciting that we've ever seen! The catalog before you is a representative cross-section, carefully curated by our top-notch staff at Words Worth. There are some local authors present, and some scribes from the other side of the world; there's a plethora of literary and crime fiction veterans, some debut work; books to make one laugh, cry, learn and ponder.

There's an immense amount on offer this year and it's all going to be in store or online at

There's plenty of parking nearby (check here for a complete parking guide), we offer gift cards in any denomination, inexpensive delivery options, and a $5.00 coupon at the back of this catalogue!

Happy Holidays and Festive Tidings!

Dave, Mandy and your friends at Words Worth Books