Words Worth Eating with Nan Forler & Peter Etril Snyder

Our Words Worth Eating event series are some of our favourite events to organize and partake in.

We love working with Nick and Nat at Uptown 21. The food is always incredible and the atmosphere is so much fun. We celebrated the release of Winterberries and Apple Blossoms on October 12th with Nan Forler and Peter Etril Snyder. If these pictures whet your appetite, then call the restaurant to reserve seating. We are doing the event all over again on November 23rd! You can reach Uptown 21 at 519-883-1100. There are only a handful of seats left.

Copies of Winterberries & Apple Blossoms on display. Each ticket includes a copy of the book.

The first course - an amazing salad that gave one patron "an out-of-this-world-experience"!

Acclaimed children's author, Nan Forler with illustrator and celebrated painter, Peter Etril Snyder.

Pumpkin soup with pickled beet garnish - delicious!

Everyone enjoying the food and company.

Main course of pork shanks, warm potato salad and Nick's award-winning sauerkraut. The menu was inspired by the traditional Mennonite culture depicted in the book.

And the grande finale: Apple pie and Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp. Nick froze summer strawberries and rhubarb back in June in preparation for this event. The desserts were from recipes included in Winterberries and Apple Blossoms.