July Newsletter

We are deep into July and we hope you’ve had at least a few memorable summer reading experiences!

It's been kinda quiet around here... except maybe these past few days. Where did all these Pokemon come from?! We had to shoo a Charmander out of the kids section yesterday and now we have a Zubat! Anybody know how to get rid of these things?

It has occurred to us that the reason business may have slowed down is that people have headed out of town for vacation this year to get a break from the construction. Anticipating just this, we’d like to remind you of our online database where you can find all books in print, on-hand at the store, or available for order.

We have recently re-vamped our website and, in our humble opinion, it is absolutely fantastic! On it you’ll find news updates, our map to navigating through construction, a digital version of our Summer Reads catalogue and yes, our online store. Once you've found your treasure we will happily deliver it to your door! Our delivery prices are reasonable: $3.00 on a purchase of $30, $2.00 on a $50 purchase, or FREE at $75. We’ll fight our way across confusing intersections and through mobs of Pokemon zombies to get it to you!

We’d also like to take a moment to point out a milestone and to thank you. We are over halfway through the King Street closure in Uptown! We’ve been given confirmation from Grandlinq that barring a natural catastrophe (knock on bookshelf), King will be open by November 30th. We’re very close to the finish line. And we could not have done it without you. We asked for help, we asked for you not to forget about us, and you supported us with flying colours for all six months.

We don't want to push our luck but we’d like to ask you for continued support for the rest of the summer. We are so close to making it through this ordeal, we just need another rally!

▪ If you’re away from home or traveling, consider using our online database for orders.
▪ Consider using our courier service for home or office delivery.
▪ Consider taking advantage of our gift certificate offer to save money for future purchases (our gift cards never expire).
▪ Consider putting one more book on top of your pile.

Consider us and we’ll consider this whole construction ordeal in the (book)bag!