July Newsletter: Loving Local

We're deep into a summer that's so far offered a lot of rainy days for you to tuck away with a good book. But not us! We've been busy. You'll find this newsletter is devoted to contests, free stuff, give aways, and prizes! Who doesn't love prizes?! 

Read on, dear friends.

UpTown Waterloo "I Choose Local" signs are available for free!

Did you know that for every $100 spent in locally owned stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, wages, donations, and other expenditures. When you buy local you're helping to revitalize the downtown, encourage entrepreneurship, and benefit from our unique expertise. (Nb: when you buy from online retailers and nothing comes home! It goes to Jeff Bezos's home and honestly, does he really need another $42 million dollar clock?!)

Show your support with an "I CHOOSE LOCAL" sign. You can get one at Words Worth Books.

Drink Good Coffee, Read Good Books

Our pals further on up the street are now dealing with construction, and we know all too well what that's like!

Until the end of the summer we're giving away a $20 Gift Certificate every week to people who support DVLB, Princess Cafe, Settlement, Seven Shores, and Cafe 1842.

Just bring us your receipt from a purchase of anything from those five businesses, drop it in the ballot box, and enjoy your caffeine-buzz. We pull a name every Monday and winning ballots go BACK in the draw box for another chance.

One Book One Community One-Of-A-Kind Buttons!

In commemoration of this year's OBOC selection, Emancipation Day by Wayne Grady, we have designed these unique buttons that recall the city, the sea, and the high-spirit of the swinging, big-band era. 

You can get a complete set of five for $8.00 at Words Worth Books

OR... You can try to win our CONTESTS

We'll be giving away 10 sets of buttons over the next few weeks. Follow us on TWITTER for more chances to win.!

From Then to Now with Professor James Walker

Wednesday, July 12, 7:00-8:30 at the main branch of the Waterloo Public Library

African peoples have lived in Canada since the beginnings of transatlantic settlement. Although their migration, settlement and life in Canada has been saturated with prejudice and brutality, their legacy is one of courage and strength. Prof. James Walker from the University of Waterloo joins us to discuss this fascinating chapter in Canadian history.

This program is a tie-in to the 2017 One Book, One Community selection, Emancipation Day by Wayne Grady. Learn more at the One Book, One Community website.


Thursday, July 20, 7pm (nb new date): Blomkvist Wannabees -- Darktown by Thomas Mullen
Friday, July 21, 10:30am: Books & Babies
Wednesday, July 26, 7pm (nb new date): Words Worth Book Club -- Nutshell by Ian McEwan
Wednesday, July 26, 7pm: Specfics & Chill -- The Lies of Loche Lamora by Scott Lynch

One of our very own... Soon to be an Internationally Published Author!

We're sure you remember Kristen Ciccarelli. She was our resident expert in teen fiction until 2016, when she left WWB to devote herself full-time to writing. We really miss her but that was clearly the right decision...

Did you know she has a book coming out?

The Last Namsara is the debut of the Iskari Series. This teen-fantasy is about deadly dragons, badass girls, forbidden love, and enemies who save each other. Not only will it be available here, but around the world in Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Turkey, UK, and the US. This is a big deal! Like, Robin McKinley, Kristen Cashore, Sarah J. Maas kind of big.

Preorder at Words Worth and you'll get an autographed copy on October 3. And if you sign up for her newsletter you could win a limited edition, autographed Advanced Reader's Copy of The Last Namsara.


Can we be serious for a moment? We need to talk to you about an issue that is of the utmost importance to you and everyone you love.... it concerns your summer reading list. 

If you are experiencing symptoms of boredom, restlessness, stress, irritability, or the general feeling that the summer is slipping away from you, you may be suffering from Needtoreaditis.

Needtoreaditis can be caught from being too busy, and simply not taking the time you require to sit back and relax. But there is a cure...

Pick up our Summer Reads Catalogue in the store, or peruse it online. Select a minimum of one title from the list, purchase it, bring it with you to a place that makes you happy, put your feet up, and read. For best results consume with a cold beverage.

No one should go through summer without a generous selection of really terrific books. Call on us. We can help. 

A final word...

Your friends at Words Worth have a few... Here are some notables:

Mandy: archipelago (pronounced ark-i-pel-AAAA-go) and panacea (pan-AY-sha)

Dave: verisimilitude (pronounced VERSE-mill-i-tude)

John: facade (pronounced fah-KADE, though his favourite is from a friend who thought misled was MY-zeld)

Curtis: chagrin (pronounced SHAW-grin)

Kristen: paradigm (pronounced PAR-da-gim, and for much of her youth, "Peregrine Shift"). She still struggles with halcyon (HAL-Cayenne).

Jessie: Chesapeke (pronounced CHEESE-pake)

Maggie: harbinger (pronounced Har-bing-gurrr)

We asked you on Facebook. Here's what you came up with: 

Caroline commented, "Hyper bowl for hyperbole and yoo-bu-queecious for ubiquitous. I actually love all of these, I think these should become legitimate alternate pronunciations!"

Like a lot of us, Louise was caught out by Hermione (Her-me-own) from the Harry Potter books.

Jen admits that throughout sixth grade she said "chay-ous" for chaos.

One of our most popular mispronunciations was epitome (epi-tome)

But we think Maya spoke for all of us when she said, "Reading these and realizing I still pronounce most of those words that way."