Meet Author Brian Van Norman in store!

Next Week: Come in and meet author Brian Van Norman as we celebrate the launch of his new novel, Immortal Water!

Immortal Water Book Launch.jpg

Once a teacher, theatre director and adjudicator, local author Brian Van Norman left those worlds to travel with his wife, Susan, and take up writing as a full time pursuit. He has journeyed to every continent and sailed nearly every sea on the planet. His base is Waterloo, Ontario. Immortal Water is his second novel.

Immortal Water offers a unique portrayal of the very human fear of ageing. The novel depicts two men from two time periods: the Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon in the 16th Century and a retired teacher named Ross Porter in contemporary times, both in the midst of life altering crises. Inside parallel plots the two men form an obsession with a quixotic search for the mythical fountain of youth. The protagonists sparkle into fullness as each is depicted in his struggle to remain vital while age slowly steals his significance away.