Return of the Tasty Book Club

Sociologists say we’re now living in a “post-truth era”.  In a time when so many people filter their news through social media (affording them only the most narrow view of the world,) the rift between liberal and conservative, urban and rural, black and white has widened.  Opinions stand in for facts; emotions over-ride reason, and truth becomes a casualty.  Indeed, as we’ve recently witnessed, a presidential candidate can outright lie and still earn the nomination.

If facts can be overwritten by the most bombastic of falsehoods, how are we to measure the value of a non-fiction account?  How do we measure fiction?  Let’s explore--

This season Words Worth Books is bringing back the Tasty Bookclub with the theme of “community”.  Through four carefully selected novels we are examining the ways in which fiction uncovers the truth, builds empathy, and fosters a deeper sense of connection to the world around us.

Sign up for the Tasty Bookclub at Words Worth Books for $135.00.  On January 19, February 14, March 23 and April 20 you will receive a delivery directly to your door.  It will contain a delectable treat from the beloved Sablétine, and a novel that has been chosen to stand as a challenge against the idea that the more frightened, fragmented and fortified the nation, the stronger it is. 

The book is secret... the treat is delicious...  Welcome to the Tasty Bookclub.*

(*treat may contain nuts, dairy and/or gluten.)